Guy recovers from a breakup in the girliest way and we’re loving it

Guys doing girly things (and vice versa) is becoming a socially acceptable norm. Plenty of men love to shop, brunch on the weekend, get pedicures and drink wine in tubs and they absolutely should. There’s an entire IG account about Bros Being Basic and you can tell these dudes are 100% loving it. So when a question directed towards men about the girliest thing they do popped up on the AskReddit thread, the male responses were quite incredible.

One guy in particular, who goes by Actuallyasuperhero, shared how he helped his male roommate recover from a breakup.

“When my roommate broke up with his girlfriend we sat on the couch and watched Crazy Stupid Love, 10 Things I Hate About You and Mean Girls back to back. We also drank liquor filled milkshakes, put face masks on, and just talked through it. His “boys” took him out drinking the next night, and he admitted after he liked the “girly” breakup day better.”

Actuallysuperhero further explained, “You gotta do mint chocolate chip milkshakes full of rum/amaretto at home with trashy movies. That was [the] break up drill with my crowd of girl friends and I’m trying to convert my guy friends now.”

This lead to a group of other men chiming in to backup this incredibly epic story with a list of other chick flick recommendations:

Mean Girls is an unassailably brilliant film. – varro-reatinus

Miss congeniality is pretty rad. – playfulbanana’s

Pride and Predjudice was the shit. – brokejew

OMG!!! The notebook! I cried – Hockeytruck87

And gave smart ice cream advice:

I mean, if you’re doing amaretto, use a cherry vanilla milkshake. Adding amaretto to mint chocolate chip is only going to crowd out the simple yet brilliant favor palette. – thedefinitionofidiot

So there you have it. A group of great dudes talking about chick flicks and breakup recoveries that isn’t your typical “dude thing” but in fact, awesome.

guy recovers from a breakup in the girliest way and were all about it 2 Guy recovers from a breakup in the girliest way and were loving it

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