This mom’s photo of her stomach four days after giving birth is unapologetically real

Pregnancy takes a physical toll on every human woman, regardless of how physically fit they are, and despite their “healthy” eating habits. And it should! You’re growing a small human inside of your body. If your body bounced right back after going through such a monumental change, it’d be a bit bizarre. However, women often feel an absurd pressure to “drop the baby weight” immediately following pregnancy, and feel compelled to hide any physical evidence of the fact that they just gave birth.

Blogger Mel Watts (who goes by the moniker “The Modern Mumma” online) recently chose to defy these unrealistic body expectations by posting side-by-side photos of her stomach, before and after giving birth.

Spoiler alert: her post-baby stomach was not flat and and tight.

screen shot 2017 06 13 at 11 54 36 am This moms photo of her stomach four days after giving birth is unapologetically real

(And yes, that is her belly button, not a nipple.)

The caption for Mel’s photo reads:

Top photo 30 weeks pregnant
Bottom photo 4 days post Caesarean section.
Honestly it’s no castle or bloody piece of art.
Sure it’s filled with stretch marks and dimples.
But this body, this one the one I own gave me another life. Another small human to love and to hold.
It held onto him for 9 months and sheltered him, protected him and prepared him for the day he was born. So many times I’ve doubted my body, so many times I’ve pinched and pulled at sections that I didn’t like. In reality this body has done everything I’d ever want it to do. Sure it’s not magazine or swimsuit worthy to some. But to me and my husband, it’s the place that grew our babies. It’s the place that everything we love most started. And that’s all that counts right?! We feel as though we need to follow society’s stigma on what we should look like when in fact we should just do what we feel works for us.
No body has the same body
And every body has their own body.
Enjoy it.

Preach, sister. Women’s bodies are often praised for their litheness or voluptuousness, but it’s rare for people to appreciate and praise our bodies for their wondrous utilitarianism. These bodies give birth, for goodness’ sake!

Mel made sure to share another, less extreme photo of her body-baby stomach, C-section scar and all.

screen shot 2017 06 13 at 12 16 27 pm This moms photo of her stomach four days after giving birth is unapologetically real

Like it or not, this is what happens to a body when it’s responsible for growing, feeding, and ultimately pushing out a human infant — and it’s pretty incredible, even if it makes certain folks a tad uncomfortable.

So show some damn respect, people.

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