5 reasons to say “Hell Yeah!” this week

Congratulations folks, you’ve survived another work week and freedom is upon us! Before you speed walk towards the office doors into the sweet welcoming arms of the weekend, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite stories from this week. Happy Friday!

1. These unbearably cute K-9 police pups

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If you’re having a rough day or week or maybe even year, we know there are very few things that can truly make you feel better. However, there is no problem—no matter how distressing it may be—that can’t be remedied by puppies. Little tiny puppers just doing pupper things are enough to make even a grown man squeal with joy.

The New Taipei Police Department in Taiwan’s K-9 Unit has debuted their newest recruits—6 Labrador puppies—and they’re so cute you might cry.


2. fubar, the world’s first app to feature an online bar

5 reasons to say hell yeah this week 23 5 reasons to say Hell Yeah! this week

If you’re sick and tired of getting endlessly disappointed by superficial swiping apps, it’s time to try something new. fubar is one of the best-kept secrets on the internet and—as it’s name suggests—the first to offer a fully-stocked virtual bar. More than your typical social network, Fubar also involves a gaming element and ranking system that makes meeting new people more enjoyable and a little competitive. You can start chatting as soon as you sign up and the more interaction you have with other users, the more levels can be unlocked. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get virtually buzzed.


3. Lorde’s secret onion ring Instagram account

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Celebrities do strange things on a regular basis. It’s part of what makes them so inherently fascinating. (Don’t even get me started on Lindsay Lohan’s deleted tweets.) But, starting a secret Instagram account dedicated to reviewing fried food to a few dozen followers? That’s a whole new level of eccentricity.

As luck would have it, I have Lorde to thank for introducing me to a wonderful world in which celebrities dole out highly-opinionated diatribes on junk food.


4. This girl who reconnected with her childhood crush

Sometimes, you reconnect with people in the most unlikely circumstances. Whether it’s a random party, a line in a grocery store — or even the comments on one of your viral tweets, apparently. (That’s how modern love works these days.) 17-year-old Hanna De Castro recently joined Twitter for the first time, and decided to share one of her more adorably cringe-worthy moments from childhood.

The absolute best response after sharing this post was from David Gonzalez, a guy who apparently saw Hanna’s tweet and realized that the two had gone to preschool together.
AND David was actually Hanna’s childhood crush — because this is the internet, where kismet shit happens every day.


5. This heroic granddaughter who smuggled her sick grandma’s dog into a hospital

Shelby Hennick is a 21-year-old veterinary technician living in California. Recently, her grandmother, Dona, was hospitalized as the result of a reaction to medication she was taking. Dona’s hospitalization left her dog, Patsy, without her beloved owner, so Shelby’s mother had an idea to sneak Patsy in to visit Dona in the hospital.



5 reasons to say hell yeah this week 21 5 reasons to say Hell Yeah! this week

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