These trendy armpit tattoos are beautiful, but weird as hell

With the introduction of the ear tattoo, I thought I had seen the extent of innovative tattoo locations. Where else can you go after tattooing your ear? It seems as though the face is the only possible location to turn to from that point, and we all know that Justin Bieber is the last person trying to make face tattoos “happen.”

Well, I’ve been proven wrong, yet again. Apparently, the next Instagram frontier for tattoos is: armpits.

And no, I’m not talking about underarms. I’m talking about straight-up armpits.

While the tattoos themselves are undeniably beautiful, I have to wonder about the practicality of an armpit tattoo.

First, why spend money on a tattoo which people will only see when you raise your arm over your head? Do you really want to be flapping your arms around that much?

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Second, wouldn’t having a needle directly inserted into your armpit feel even more painful than the typical tattoo experience? I am fully aware that tattoos in general are no cakewalks, but it seems like this procedure could be particularly uncomfortable.

Lastly, what about the hair in your pits? Armpit hair is thicker than leg hair or arm hair. Either you’ll be forced to shave it all the time (which, considering the armpit shape, will probably result in at least a little noticeable razor burn), or you’ll let your armpit hair grow a bit, and it will cover up the design you paid all that money to get in the first place.

And let’s not even talk about deodorant stains, because that’s a whole other thing.

But, all in all, the tattoos themselves are still pretty — so if none of these considerations are a deterrent, then by all means get yourself a pit tattoo. Who knows? Perhaps having permanent designs on your armpits will prove to be extremely practical.

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