These kids shocked their dads by confessing the worst things they’ve ever done and Happy Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is this weekend, which means it’s time to scramble for the perfect way to thank your dad for all of his years of wisdom, advice and yelling about the air conditioner. What could possibly be an adequate present for the man who raised you?

Well, Jimmy Kimmel has decided to give dads everywhere an extra special gift—confession. In typical Kimmel fashion, the host had his staff take to the streets and this time they asked kids about the worst things they’ve done that their dad’s don’t know about. Needless to say, these unsuspecting fathers got quite a surprise.

Jimmy Kimmel had kids tell their dads the worst things they’ve ever done and what better way to celebrate Father’s Day?

That adorable little boy who’s been running an underground prank calling business is my hero. “Poop butt, butthole, what’s up vanilla biscuit!”

Although these mischievous confessions makes for a hilarious Kimmel segment, I think I’ll spare my own father the details of my teenage transgressions. You’re welcome, dad.

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