People are posting photos of their puppy transformations to this viral thread, and it’s too damn pure

Dogs, as we all know, are magic. They can lift your spirits simply by existing. And one of the most heartwarming experiences is to watch your puppers grow, from fuzzy little puppies into full-grown dogs.

One viral Twitter thread is capitalizing on this particular dog obsession by encouraging users to share their own before-and-after photos of their adult dogs — and the results will probably make you squeal at your desk.

It all started when logger and model Ally Stone sent out the word on Twitter, telling her followers that she needed their pupp-to-doggo transformation pics, and she needed them NOW.

Girl, she DID that. Which I respect, because I also want people to send me photos of their cute dogs.

Ally broke the ice by sharing photos of her own puppers growing up (because, you know, tit for tat).

Pretty soon, the geyser of puppy photos burst and rained down on Twitter, blessing us with all with nourishing photos of doggos on their journey from puppyhood to adulthood.


Some people even chose to share photos of their dogs before and after being rescued, as a different (but equally cute) sort of transformation.

Ally says she is utterly delighted by the direction the thread has taken.

“I love dogs, I have two of my own,” she tells BuzzFeed News. “I admittedly spend way too much time looking at other dog Instagram accounts.”

“People shared their rescue stories and transformations not only from puppies to dogs but also from sick/scared/in the shelter to a happy healthy pup. It’s simply heartwarming.”

No, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a dog to hug.

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