Chrissy Teigen is dishing out clapbacks to people who are still questioning her IVF pregnancy

Chrissy Teigen is know for being candid about most subjects, particularly when it comes to the matter of her IVF pregnancy. Teigen openly discussed how difficult it was for her and husband John Legend to conceive naturally.

“John and I were having trouble. We would have had kids five, six years ago if it happened,” Teigen said in 2015, one month before she announced her pregnancy. “It’s kind of crazy, because I can’t imagine being that nosy to be like, ‘So, when are the kids coming?’ Because who knows what somebody’s going through? Anytime somebody asks if I’m going to have kids I’m just like, ‘One day you’re going to ask that to the wrong girl who is really struggling and it’s going to be really hurtful to them, and I hate that. Stop asking me.'”

Teigen and Legend eventually got pregnant via IVF, and Chrissy gave birth to baby Luna in April of 2016. But, even now that Teigen’s daughter is over a year old, Teigen is still getting insensitive questions about going the in vitro route.

Chrissy recently tweeted about her second embryo (which she and John are keeping in storage until they’re ready to have another baby).

Chrissy made light of the situation, and tossed out a few jokes.

But, of course, people immediately latched on to Teigen’s usage of the word “embryo,” and tried to construe her tweets as pregnancy announcements.

Which prompted one tone-deaf soul to naively ask why Teigen is using an embryo in the first place, and straight-up question her about her history of conception.

screen shot 2017 06 21 at 9 52 39 am Chrissy Teigen is dishing out clapbacks to people who are still questioning her IVF pregnancy

First of all, this isn’t anyone’s business. Second, these kinds of presumptuous questions are hurtful. As Teigen herself has pointed out, sticking your nose in someone else’s uterus isn’t polite — and you could easily be dredging up some painful subject matter with your seemingly innocuous question.

Chrissy, as always, was prepared to respond to the critics and their ignorant questions.

Don’t try to criticize Chrissy Teigen’s life choices, y’all. Unless you want a vicious, Twitter tongue-lashing, that is.

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