5 things all zodiac signs need to know about the summer solstice

It’s June 21st, which means that the Summer Solstice has come yet again.

So, what does that mean for us?

Well, in the most immediate and practical sense, it means that Summer has technically started (if the warm weather hadn’t already keyed you in to that little detail).

In terms of astrology, it means that we have officially moved into a new astrological season — that of Cancer the crab. Over the course of the next month, all individual astrology signs will be effected by shift, and will find themselves displaying particularly Cancerian attributes. Here are some important things to keep in mind so this cosmic shift doesn’t cause you to get in fights, alienate relationships, or bring undue stress upon yourself:

1. You might be feeling a tad more emotional over the next month.

Since we’re in the season of Cancerians, you may find yourself more inclined to traits commonly associated with the sign. One of these traits is a tendency to be highly emotional. While this can certainly work to your benefit, you may also find yourself suffering from a major case of the feels at various intervals during the month — and it’s important that you remember to not lash out at others while you’re juggling said emotions. Even though the emotions feel intense, they will fizzle away, and you won’t want to be left regretting something hurtful or incendiary that you may have said.

When you find your feelings welling up inside, simply excuse yourself from the situation and get a little time and space to breathe. Trust me: avoiding drama is the best course of action this month. (Though, knowing the pull of Cancer, you’re likely to stubbornly ignore my advice and stir some up anyway — so be prepared.)

2. It’s time to focus on the home-front.

Cancer rules the fourth house, which represents foundation. As such, you are likely to feel slightly more domestic over the next 30 days than you would otherwise. This doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on your couch watching Netflix (although, hey, more power to you) — it’s more likely to mean that you’re packing up your apartment for a move, or that you’re becoming more invested in the cleanliness and decor of your abode.

In short: it’s nesting season! Make your home feel like more of a haven, and you’ll find yourself feeling more balanced.

3. Be aware of your tendency to overindulge.

As luck would have it, domestic Cancer also rules the stomach. This means that, during Cancer season, people are more likely to be drawn to decadent food — which is all well and good, because hey, everyone deserves some summer indulgences. The only downside comes when you start eating out of boredom or to cope with emotions (something which Cancers know all too well).

If you find yourself seeking refuge in food this month, try your hand at learning how to cook some dishes from scratch. These dishes need not be explicitly “healthy,” but anything you cook yourself is definitely going to be better for you than that bag of salt and vinegar potato chips.

4. Celebrate women!

Cancer is tied to the Moon, which makes it an astrological alpha female — so this is definitely the time to celebrate ladies. This is the time to fight for equal pay (or at least educate yourself about the pay gap), donate to a charity that empowers women, and commune with the strong women in your life.

Oh, and if you’re a woman, you might want to schedule your annual gynecologist appointment during this month. All of that female energy will help you to feel a bit more empowered about keeping your hoo-ha healthy.

5. You’re going to want to get a little creative.

Cancer is a water sign, which signifies emotional ebb and flow, and a certain amount of spirituality. That said, Cancer typically hides these vulnerable traits under their crab shell. This month, we should all endeavor to access those sensitive feelings and put them to good, creative use — either by engaging in some sort of artwork, taking a new class, or practicing a form of self-expression.

Self-reflection is going to be key during this month, particularly when your emotions are going haywire. Having a creative outlet for yourself will definitely help to keep the chaos in check.

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