Anna Faris is doing the Lord’s work by tweeting shirtless photos of husband Chris Pratt

Celebrities tend to be a tad tight-lipped about their personal lives, particularly their relationships. Which is understandable, considering the amount of scrutiny they’re forced to endure.

Thankfully for our curiosity, actress Anna Faris isn’t one of those celebrities.

Since Faris is married to major eye-candy Christ Pratt, she is under no delusions about how many women enjoy ogling her husband on a regular basis. As such, she’s decided to reward the thirstiest among us with a shirtless Pratt photo, sent to her by Chris himself.

There’s not much to be said, except that the photo features a half-naked Chris Pratt, and is accompanied by the caption, “Honey — you can’t just send me a photo like this and not expect me to tweet it.”

Even with the goofy pose and expression, it’s still pretty thirst-trap-worthy — which may explain why it’s been favorited over 5,000 times.

Faris’ followers were sure to thank her for blessing them with the truly hunky pic.

Faris has always been pretty chill about the fact that her husband has become a mainstream heartthrob, and isn’t particularly threatened by his leading man status. Faris even had two of Pratt’s onscreen love interests, Jennifer Lawrence and Aubrey Plaza, on her podcast, where she discussed what it’s like for your partner to be intimate with other people onscreen.

“I feel like it’s only really weird when other people think that it’s really weird,” Faris said during the podcast. “Then I get nervous and I’m like, ‘Wait, am I supposed to feel like it’s more weird than it is?'”

Nope! It’s not weird! It’s literally his job. So, snaps to this married couple for nipping potential jealousy issues in the bud.

You keep doing you, Anna.

And by “doing you,” I mean, keep posting shirtless photos of Chris Pratt while simultaneously being a cool and supportive partner.

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