Rihanna actually slid into a fan’s DMs and gave him stellar breakup advice

Robyn Rihanna Fenty has certainly been through her share of relationships, publicized or otherwise. As such, she’s become an expert at navigating the drama that often comes with dating and breakups.

Rihanna could easily keep her wisdom to herself, but she’s a benevolent goddess, so she occasionally descends from the heavens to bestow sage words of advice upon her loyal subjects.

Twitter user and Rihanna fan Samer recently sent Rihanna DM asking her for the best way to get over heartbreak. Despite her crazy schedule, Rihanna actually replied, giving Samer some pretty excellent advice on healing his heartache.

Samer shared a screenshot of Rihanna’s response to Twitter, where it was favorited over 20,000 times and retweeted over 6,000 times.

Fans were feeling utterly blessed about getting a peak into Rihanna’s perspective on breakups.

Putting aside the celebrity factor, it’s also important to note that Rihanna’s advice is actually pretty spot-on. Letting yourself actually feel the heartbreak is an important part of getting over somebody — and it’s important to view those feelings of grief as an opportunity to grow.

So, while we may not all be lucky enough to receive personalized advice from Rihanna herself, we can still put her nuggets of wisdom to good use.

Thanks, RiRi!

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