13 people share the one legal thing they think feels illegal

We all bend the rules now and then, but sometimes it feels like we might be breaking a law that we’re actually not.

What’s something legal that always makes you feel like you’re about to get in trouble? Reddit asked its audience this burning question and their responses are so incredibly relatable.

1. hafizurrhamanbd, I couldn’t agree more.

Providing you are doing the speed limit, overtaking a cop car.

2. That’s anxiety-inducing, callumcassloan.

Walking through a metal detector always puts me on edge, feel like out of nowhere i’m suddenly concealing a weapon.

3. cobaltunsure, nothing to see here.

Walking into a store with a soda you bought from the convenience store down the street. You just walk through the store awkwardly clenching your receipt muttering to yourself “I didn’t steal this soda… I didn’t steal this soda…”

4. askvictor,this blows my mind.

Breaking out of prison in Germany (and probably some other countries around there). They’ll put you back in to serve the rest of your sentence, but they figure it’s a natural instinct to escape captivity, so don’t punish you for a natural instinct.

5. Seems risky, DeathToAllLife.

Opening a window on a 30 story building.

6. Still_Levelling, that’s what they’re for!

Walking past everyone at Outback Steakhouse, who is already waiting for a table, and sitting down at one of the tables around the bar.

7. Agreed, hose11.

Just being around cops. I always feel like i’m doing something wrong i’m not fully aware of.

8. That’s the future, audigex.

Contactless payments on my Apple Watch.

Like, I know I’m paying for stuff, but it feels like I’m just waving my possessions in the direction of the cashier and then walking out with my stolen goods. “Look, I own a watch. Goodbye”

9. Dr-Pepper-Phd, that’s window shopping.

Wandering around a store then walking out with nothing.

10. That’s just strategy, heyheychickenwing.

Using multiple coupon codes when ordering something online.

11. PsychoAgent, totally understandable.

After having served in the military, everything feels illegal. Chewing while walking, not tucking in my shirt, wearing athletic clothing while not actively working out, having my penis in another man’s anus, not telling my boss my plans for the weekend, getting fat and out of shape, wearing a hat indoors, and so much more.

12. You’ve discovered the secret, PeriodicNiceGuy.

Buying a ton of shit on a credit card and knowing you’re gonna pay it off right away just for the points.

13. malhotraspokane, we don’t hear any complaints.

Marijuana in Washington State.

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