People are complimenting Zac Efron on Reddit and it’s everything you’ve never said out loud

Being a celebrity comes with its up and downs. Fame is one thing but not being able to step outside without being recognized is another. It’s the price they pay for taking the entertainment leap. And it’s easy to forget that celebrities hold a family name that represents their entire family, even if they’re close or not. So when someone on Reddit asked, “people who are related to celebrities, how has their fame affected family gatherings and events?” the responses varied from Keanu Reeves to Dr. Demento.

One guy in particular, who goes by the name of TKizzll, said he’s cousins with Zac Efron. Although he doesn’t know him, he said his family is “just stoked about it for the most part.” But the best part about this was what people had to say about Zac Efron. Both genders love this guy and these responses will explain why:

Storm137 reminded people of his magical voice

That’s pretty darn cool man. Your cousin seems like a neat guy… And boy can he sing (is that his actual singing voice in Highschool Musical?)

sheasowner heard a hilarious rumor

I hear his hair’s insured for $10,000 dollars

oliveyoutoo isn’t ashamed to admit this

I saw him wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops.

creativedabbler probably isn’t kidding

Hot damn…if Zac Efron was my cousin, I think I would be having incestuous thoughts.

Apparently Zac’s drama teacher has her own fame according to bemynewdream

Haha i went to a high school whose drama teacher was Zac’s drama teacher. It was a big deal when she “retired” from the high school (she never stops working) and Zac visited her.

oliveyoutoo asked the question we were all thinking

How does it feel knowing your cousin made millions of middle school girls experience their sexual awakening, including me.

Yes, many of us has experienced this sexual awakening from Zac Efron and we’re not mad at it. I mean seriously, his abs though… How can you not have a crush on the man?

people are complimenting zac efron on reddit and its everything youve never said out loud 2 People are complimenting Zac Efron on Reddit and its everything youve never said out loud

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