These photos of Lady Gaga hiking in heels are the most extra thing I’ve seen all week

If there’s one thing that is an absolute certainty in life, it’s that Lady Gaga is going to wear whatever the fuck she wants to wear, and there’s nothing that any of us can do about it. Whether it’s a head-to-toe red lace dress, or an outfit made entirely of raw meat, Gaga’s wardrobe is entirely outside of the realm of our control. (Which is, honestly, why we love her.)

Recently, Gaga demonstrated this principle when she ventured out on a nature hike — dressed entirely in couture.

Lady Gaga was in Montauk, New York with boyfriend Christian Carino when she decided that the best attire for hiking a trail was a black, ruffled midriff-baring top, a black skirt, and nude high heels. 

Seriously. She went hiking like this. NO PAVEMENT IN SIGHT.

And in case you were skeptical about the heels, I promise you: she is wearing fucking high heels.

these photos of lady gaga hiking in heels are the most extra thing ive seen all week 2 These photos of Lady Gaga hiking in heels are the most extra thing Ive seen all week

I truly have no idea why this was deemed necessary or practical, unless Gaga was somehow coming from a photoshoot in the woods (which isn’t entirely outside the realm of possibility). But, as someone who is very clumsy, I must remind everyone that wearing heels on any sort of uneven terrain is asking for trouble. Gaga is truly a ballsy and brave soul for risking her ankles in this manner.

But, it’s also important to give Gaga respect: because nobody else could pull this off. We all look like trash when we go hiking, and she looks like a goddess.

It’s all about defying expectations, y’all.

Honestly, if hiking heels were to become a trend after this, I wouldn’t even be surprised.

(Side note: can we all agree that we miss Taylor Kinney? I miss Taylor Kinney.)

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