This gorilla’s fabulous ‘Flashdance’ routine is slaying everybody

When life is slogging along at a snail’s pace and you find there is little excitement in your day-to-day routine, sometimes it’s nice to get a little reminder that there are still small pockets of joy to be found in the world.

And yes: sometimes those pockets of joy are going to involve a dancing gorilla.

Zola the gorilla is a resident of the Dallas Zoo, and is no stranger to viral fame. He gained notoriety six years ago for his tap-dancing/break-dancing display at the Calgary Zoo. The first taste of fame was obviously intoxicating, because now Zola is back with even more impressive moves.

In a video posted on Tuesday, Zola is innocently playing in a kiddie pool when all of a sudden he goes into a what appears to be a dramatic dance routine.

I, for one, was not prepared for the elegant poise on display in this video. As someone who has zero balance whatsoever, I’m honestly a bit jealous of this gorilla’s spinning skills.

Naturally, everybody is becoming huge fans of Zola’s routine. One genius even decided to add the Flashdance hit “Maniac” over the video, adding a whole new level of performative flair.

There’s really nothing to add, except to say: it’s been a long week. You deserve to watch and marvel at this gorilla’s beautiful routine.

And, as for Zola, he clearly deserves to be on So You Think You Can Dance.

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