Rihanna got caught making out with a mysterious billionaire and Twitter is on the case

We’re all secretly rooting for Rihanna. She covered her nipples in Swarovski crystals, she snuck a flask in to the Grammys, and she’s thrown shade at anyone who dares to question her magnificence. She’s a celebrity who is unapologetically herself and manages to have the best outfit at the Met Gala every damn year.

Which is why it’s especially fantastic news that Robyn Rihanna Fenty has found herself a new main squeeze.

Rihanna was recently photographed making out in a pool with a handsome mystery man.

As it turns out, this handsome mystery man is none other than Hassan Jameel, the heir to the largest Toyota distributor in Saudi Arabia. He also owns a soccer team, and his net worth is allegedly $1.5 billion.

In other words: Rihanna has herself a truly enviable new man, and Twitter is 100% here for it.

Naturally, people had SO MANY questions.

Such as, “WTF is Drake going to say?”

But, overall, everyone was in a pretty damn celebratory mood, and the hashtag #RihannaHasAManParty started trending.

Rihanna is now an inspiration for all the single ladies looking to nab a summer hookup.

You deserve this, RiRi.

Perhaps this awesome development will serve as a reminder to all the weight-gain haters that they can just keep their mouths zipped, because Rihanna is living her best life these days.

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