16 couples shared their weirdest and most hilarious indoor date ideas, and they’re pretty entertaining

When you’re in a relationship, there comes a time when you’ve officially exhausted the standard sources of date night activities. You’ve had plenty of dinners, you’ve gone to bars, you’ve canoodled during movies. As a result, couples tend to spend more and more time at home as the months go by — because hey, if you can’t be original, you can at least be comfortable, right?

I’m certainly not going to judge anybody for spending an evening indoors, but if you’re going to be with your significant other, why not make your low-key evening a bit more entertaining?

Recently, an AskReddit thread asked Reddit couples what fun, free activities they liked to do to pass an evening indoors. The responses ranged from cute, to creative, to downright bizarre. (And, of course, many of the answers were just “Sex.”) Perhaps it’s time to let some of these fun (and free!) ideas influence your next chill evening on the couch. Your partner will definitely appreciate you going to a little extra effort to keep things interesting — and, at the very least, you won’t be mindlessly bingeing on Netflix.

1. corecorecore favors some good, old-fashioned casual dining.

Do an indoor picnic. Blanket and food on the ground and watch something on Netflix as “drive up”.

2. oilymagnolia has a more unorthodox way to pass the time.

My husband and I have whistling contests. One of us whistles a song and the other guesses what it is.

We’ve spent a Friday night doing this for literally two hours.

We’re so cool.

3. scoops_dee is a fan of more competitive fare.

Card games! My boyfriend and I play speed and rummy all the time. Our favorite date is going out for a shared coffee and playing cards in the shop for hours.

4. my_final_answer  likes to take part in reality TV-style competitions.

Chopped. We pull out random ingredients from the kitchen and challenge each other to a cook-off.

5. mnricha927 is all for snuggling under some blankies.

Blanket fort movie night!! We build a blanket fort in the living room and watch whatever we find in Netflix 🙂

6. eluuu isn’t terribly concerned about breakable household items.

Floor is lava.

7. boojie_ likes to make childhood games a bit more risqué.

Me and my SO love playing Uno. Sometimes we make it more fun and play strip Uno. The games get really intense and it’s a good time.

8. cozykel likes to access their inner grandparent.

Not free, but pretty cheap in terms of cost-per-hour or whatever, but we like to do complicated jigsaw puzzles while listening to history podcasts.

9. jakejenkins5 has a tried-and-true favorite couples activity.

My girlfriend and I like to sit on opposite couches and yell at each other about stuff that needs to be done around the house. That’s always a good time.

10. Malex-117  prefers to get a little artistic.

Get a little drunk, grab some painting supplies, and YouTube a Bob Ross episode. It never fails to entertain.

11. Shostakovich22 likes to play games … no, really.

Our boys have a basketball hoop that hooks to the back of the door. We like to take that into our room sometimes and have slam dunk contest. We jump from the bed and vote on who had a better dunk.

We also like to play hide and seek in complete darkness when the kids aren’t home. One person hides and the other person is only permitted to use a flashlight to find them. It’s pretty fun.

12. sixjohns simply wants some drunken nudity.

Drinking games. But playing like we’re arch enemies. Naked arch enemies.

13. Ihatecars likes to be constructive.

Dig out the box of Lego from your parents basement and build something together.

14. GrantRunyon thinks pulling all-nighters makes for some nostalgic fun.

On the occasional weekend, we pull the mattress in our guest room out into the living room to “camp out” for a night or two. We watch movies, make our favorite snacks, play video games. It’s just a fun thing to channel your inner child like when you had sleepovers.

15. Augusta13 can’t be bothered to play a full board game, but they come close.

We like to lay in the hammock together and read trivia questions off old trivial pursuit cards.

16. TolerateAshes has the same “indoor date idea” as the rest of us.


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