People are giving ASOS major snaps for not editing out models’ stretch marks

Shopping for clothing online is an arduous experience, particularly when it concerns swimwear. Looking at dozens of perfectly Photoshopped images of women in bikinis isn’t exactly reassuring when it comes to gauging how a swimsuit will actually look on your body, IRL.

Fortunately, some companies are looking to make the online shopping experience a touch more realistic by cutting back on their overzealous Photoshopping efforts.

ASOS has been getting some credit recently for not Photoshopping all of the stretch marks on their models, allowing them to look like actual human women — which is a startlingly new and refreshing experience for female shoppers.

Although I will point out that only SOME of the models haven’t been photoshopped (there are still some conspicuously over-perfected shots on the site), it is definitely a promising step in the right direction — so perhaps a positive public response will encourage ASOS to keep going along this path.

The company actually started letting the tiger stripes free in 2016, when shoppers first began to notice that model butts weren’t perfectly photoshopped.

This trend is not immediately apparent on the ASOS website, but, as Metro UK reports:

You do have to search a bit (lots of pictures seem to crop out models just where the butt begins), but there are some there, promise.

Here’s hoping that perhaps clothing companies start getting hip to the idea that women aren’t horrified by stretch marks — since the vast majority of us actually, you know, have them.

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