This blind date went so horribly that it’s actually going viral

Going on a blind date is already the epitome of an uncomfortable situation. Combine that blind date with an irreversible asshole of a human being, and you’re asking for trouble.

Recently, two heterosexual young New Yorkers went on a blind date for a newspaper article, and the whole thing turned into a viral sensation when it became abundantly clear that the guy in question was uniquely terrible.

It all started when Time Out New York paired two allegedly “undateable” people together for their ongoing vertical, entitled — you guessed it — “Undateables.”

Enter Alyssa, a 24-year-old video production manager who’s living in Astoria, and Billy, a 24-year-old actor living on the Upper East Side. The two were paired together by TONY to go on a blind date, and were then asked to give their reactions to the publication.

Here’s how the first impression went for both Alyssa and Billy:

Alyssa: “I didn’t want to be that girl who’s late, and I was trying really hard, but I was about three minutes late. He stood up, and we hugged. He was really nice and charming.”
“She was about five minutes late, which annoyed the shit out of me. As soon as she walked into the room, I knew she wasn’t the girl for me. She didn’t have the goods.”

And it doesn’t get any better from there, ladies and gentlemen!

The stark disparities between the pair’s account of the date continued. For Alyssa, the date was enjoyable, the conversation was nice, and even though there was no romantic spark, she says she had fun with Billy as a friend. Billy, however, is almost entirely full of complaints: Alyssa apparently ordered her steak well done, which he considered to be a huge faux pas, she ordered dessert, which meant he had to stay out on the date for an extra twenty minutes, and he ultimately said that the date made him feel like he “took two hours of my time and kind of just burned it.”

When juxtaposed side-by-side, it becomes painfully obvious that Alyssa was making the best of a semi-awkward situation, and Billy was simply being a two-faced dick who couldn’t enjoy spending time with a girl unless he intended to get in her pants.

Naturally, the extremely uncomfortable article caught Twitter’s eye, and soon the internet was abuzz with Billy-induced rage.

It was pretty clear: Twitter was 100% NOT HERE for Billy and his remarkably tasteless comments.

Someone even dug up a very telling nugget of information from Billy’s alleged IMDb page.

One person who knows Billy even spilled the tea about his personality — which is apparently pretty similar to how it comes across in the article.

Some Twitter users noticed that it was slightly unclear whose idea it was to order the steak well done.

Apparently, it was because Alyssa was unsure how to order the steak, and Billy and the server ultimately encouraged her to get the steak medium-rare instead of well done.

Billy + The Waiter 4 Ever!!!

Billy apparently even tried to police Alyssa on her answers to Time Out New York.

Moral of the story: Alyssa deserves a nice guy, and hopefully, after this Billy debacle, she gets one.

On the bright side, some restaurant owner saw the article and at least offered Alyssa a free steak. Plus, she now has the internet rallying behind her.

For every bad blind date, there’s a silver lining. (Which only occasionally includes viral fame.)

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