Women are trying to get their boyfriends to tell the difference between these lipstick shades, and it’s not going well

Okay, let’s get this out of the way up top: some men are incredible when it comes to makeup. They understand contouring, cut creases, and the importance of lip liner.

That said, for every guy out there who understands the intricacies of makeup, there are four more who aren’t even sure what a tube of mascara looks like.Β This truth has become even more clear with one recent Twitter challenge, which has women prompting their boyfriends to answer questions about liquid lipsticks.

It all started when one Twitter user posted a shot of two different Milani liquid lipsticks, telling her followers that men would insist the two lipsticks were the same shade of red.

And, if you’re confused, I promise that the two liquid lipsticks are indeed two different shades: “Amore” and “Striking.”

Women on Twitter decided to put this theory to the test by asking their own boyfriends for their lipstick color input. Not surprisingly, most guys were utterly convinced that the lipstick shades were the same color.

That said, some guys actually passed with flying colors (no pun intended) β€” including, ironically, the original poster’s boyfriend.

Sadly, some guys really tried their best and still failed.

And some were just too distracted from the get-go.

So, lesson learned: don’t write off all guys as having zero knowledge when it comes to the world of cosmetics.

But, then again, don’t put too much stock in their opinion, either. Some of them can’t tell the difference between nail polish and lipstick.

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