No one suspected this girl’s prom clutch was actually a giant flask

If you were like most teens, your Prom look was one you planned for weeks, even months ahead of time. The dress, the hair, the shoes–it all had to be perfect. Because you really only do your own Prom once.

Then there are those people who are so ahead of their game they manage to nail not only their attire, but the night’s entertainment as well.

This is UK teen and current Twitter celebrity Eleanor, who managed to defy the establishment by *disguising* a rather large flask as a clutch purse.

Rolling into the dance with a squad this fierce certainly didn’t help draw attention away.

We use the term “disguise” loosely because she really didn’t even try. There’s no shoulder strap, no embellishments. It’s literally just out there.

screen shot 2017 07 05 at 10 20 00 am No one suspected this girls prom clutch was actually a giant flask

Ah, to be young and fearless again.

In fact, so many people are impressed with her ingenuity and brazenness, her post has been Retweeted 61,000 times, and liked over 300K times.

While we don’t condone underage drinking, we can all remember what it was like to try to sneak booze in someplace as a teenager. Also, the legal drinking age in the UK is 18.

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