One man’s controversial Chipotle ordering ‘hack’ is tearing Twitter apart

Everyone likes to think that they’ve got a remarkable trick for procuring the best possible fast food gains. From the “Animal Style” fries at In-N-Out (which, hello, everybody knows about), to the “secret” Starbucks menu, it seems as though we never tire of attempting to customize our quick-service eating experience.

However, one man’s recent fast food ordering hack has triggered a contentious debate and left the Twitterverse divided.

Josh Williams, a graphic designer who lives with his wife and three kids in California, recently went revealed that he prefers to order his Chipotle burrito with the cold ingredients separated, so that he and his family can just make the tacos at home.  

“My wife (a culinary student) had an essay to write for school so I took our 4-year-old son to the theatre. After the movie, my son and I swung in to pick up dinner to take home to eat with my wife,” Williams told BuzzFeed.

“The kids (and I) love Chipotle so I ordered a couple sets of chicken soft tacos. When we’ve done this before, they often fall apart by the time they make the long trip home (because) we live in a small town about 45 minutes from the nearest Chipotle restaurant. So on a similar trip a couple months ago, either my wife or I had the idea the get the cold ingredients on the side so we could reassemble (the tacos) at home.”

Basically: Josh has very few options in the way of fast food, and getting fully-made Chipotle burritos results in soggy tortillas by the time he gets home.

And no, before you ask: buying spur-of-the-moment burrito ingredients from the grocery store is apparently not possible either, as the stores around Josh’s house tend to close at 5 pm. (Damn, where do these people live??)

Therefore, ordering individually packaged ingredients is Josh’s way of making sure his fast food pickup doesn’t devolve into a total mess.

Some Twitter users applauded Josh’s culinary ingenuity.

Many people, however, were downright offended — and confused.

In all likelihood, people didn’t fully understand the situation/why Josh feels compelled to make the “high-maintenance” request in the first place, but people take their Chipotle VERY seriously.

“In spite of all the Chipotle hate on the thread, I’m a fan. It’s fresh, and I like the chicken. And the green tomatilla is 💯,” Williams told BuzzFeed. “And we actually make tacos at home ALL THE TIME, but if the fridge is empty and you’re in a bind, this is a solid alternative.”

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