You should probably spend the rest of the day squealing over Puffie the Chow, Instagram’s latest puppy obsession

If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, then there’s a decent chance you haven’t been looking at enough photos of cuddly puppies. Honestly, there should probably be a doctor recommendation for the number of puppy photos the average human should look at on a daily basis, considering the optimal health benefits.

If your ennuis is so palpable that your day is feeling utterly listless, then fear not: I have the perfect puppy for you, and he’s guaranteed to chase away those pesky feeling of dissatisfaction β€” or at least make you feel a bit more hopeful about the possibility of one day snuggling with an adorable dog.

Meet Puffie the Chow, a little puppy living in Malaysia. He’s here to remind you that adorableness is the best cure-all for those random, mid-week blues.

Puffie has only been on Instagram since early June, but he’s already garnered almost 80,000 followers β€” which is a pretty impressive fanbase for such a tiny celebrity.

Puffie is basically a little cloud with legs, and is probably one of the few pure and innocent things in this world.

Or perhaps he’s better described as a fuzzy caterpillar full of rainbows and sunshine.

And just look at those lil’ feets! And that fluffy butt!


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