Seth Rogen’s mom gabbed about her sex life on Twitter, and now her son is scarred for life

Parents live to embarrass their offspring. So much so that I’m convinced it’s part of some sort of biological imperative. They share mortifying baby photos, they spill your cringe-inducing stories, and they have so much dirt on you that they could probably blackmail you if they were so inclined.

And when you get older, you still aren’t immune to the embarrassment — even if you happen to be a celebrity.

Seth Rogen’s mom, Sandy, recently made a not-so-innocent observation about the subtle relationship between sex and yoga.

Exactly what you want to hear from a mom, right? Thanks for allowing us a glimpse into your bedroom, Sandy!


Not surprisingly, Seth wasn’t really into his mom’s musings about postcoital tendencies.

I think this is basically the adult equivalent of “Mooooom, you’re embarrassing meeee!”

Sandy stood by her comment though. (And probably increased Seth’s mortification.)

Seth wasn’t having it — he was too grossed out.

But Sandy made sure to have the final word on the matter.

For the record, everyone was definitely on Sandy’s side on this one.

You go, Sandy.

And, as it turns out, Sandy is no stranger to oversharing on Twitter.

So, if you’re looking for more hilarious Mom Thoughts, definitely check out her account. I promise you won’t regret it (unless you are, in fact, Seth Rogen).

Sandy Rogen is my new hero.

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