Watching celebrities sing Spice Girl lyrics is the best possible way to celebrate the group’s 21-year anniversary

As someone who basically became cognizant of pop-culture right around the peak of Spice Girls popularity, the group holds a special place in my heart (as is true for most people in my age bracket). I mean, I owned their damn merchandise! I had Spice Girl costumes! At the time I was unfamiliar with the term “groupie,” but I feel like it’s the best word to describe my fandom surrounding the Spice Girls.

Which is why it’s so ridiculously hard to believe that it’s been almost 21 years since this girl group first stepped out on the scene with their debut single, “Wannabe.”

W Magazine recently brought together a group of celebrities and invited them to give their own interpretations of the lyrics from the Spice Girls’ hit, “Wannabe.” Not surprisingly, the results were fairly ridiculous, but entertaining nonetheless:

A few takeaways from watching this video:

  • Nicole Kidman has basically perfected the Marilyn Monroe sultry voice.
  • James Franco reciting Spice Girls lyrics feels like some sort of performative art piece.
  • Milo Ventimiglia (incorrectly) reciting Spice Girls lyrics kind of sounds like someone’s dad.
  • Riz Ahmed is so damn earnest and adorable.
  • Millie Bobby Brown is clearly the winner in this singing contest.

Thank you, Spice Girls, for reminding us all that friendship and girl power can be completely badass — and for providing the song that allowed this hilarious video to be made.

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