15 people reveal their biggest relationship deal breakers

Relationships are never easy. They require commitment, communication, and compromise—among many other sacrifices. That being said, there are certain core qualities that you should never compromise on. For example, if a potential suitor identifies himself as “not a dog person”, I already know things aren’t going to work out between us.

Reddit asked its users about their biggest deal breakers when it comes to dating and their responses did not disappoint.

1. Preach, throwthatsmutfaraway.

If there is something serious that is bothering either of us, we have to be able to discuss it. Otherwise we will never grow as a couple and things will fester and kill the relationship.

2. TestZero should teach every couple about this.

Don’t play games or “test their loyalty”

We’re adults. Not highschoolers.

3.  edmD3ATHmachin3 speaks from experience.

Started this one early. Now very happily married for 10 years.

If it’s something that would hurt you if I did it, then don’t do it yourself.

4. Fair enough, 420_inject_it.

I don’t mind a partner that is a bit dumb. I have patience. But stupid mixed with stubborn is an impossible thing for me to deal with.

5. I think Dingis_Son_of_Dongus is pretty safe on this one.

She can’t have the same name as my sister. Sorry to the Dingina’s out there.

6. Benjenzo knows the golden rule.

Always look to communicate properly. It’s amazing how things can work out if you and your partner can understand how to speak to each other.

7. This is probably my biggest one too, hintomania.

I need private time. This is an absolute necessity. If I get any of the ‘so you don’t like spending time with me?!’ early on just because I don’t see you every day of the week, I’m out of there.

8. I would certainly hope not, AFGNCAAP_Paradigm.

No cheating.

9. squeeze708 is pretty reasonable.

I can’t be in an all day text-conversation. It’s absolutely miserable.

10. LordOfFuzz1 isn’t down for a challenge.

More a dating thing. But as soon as they start playing hard to get, I’m done. That shit ain’t worth my time.

Oh and never tell me to get rid of something I owned before I met you. Jeez emma.

11. I’ve been there, thereaderrunt.

Don’t hide issues. My last boyfriend led me on for months saying he was still interested and he really wasn’t – I did everything I could to try and be interesting, attractive, funny, and he didn’t appreciate any of it. I did it all thinking he cared and he didn’t. Turns out he’d lost interest months earlier as he hadn’t spoken up about issues.

So, no lying, absolute honesty. Not having that kind of bullshit again as I was a fucking wreck after that all ended and I blamed myself for months thinking I could have done more or said something, when really he just didn’t care and didn’t care to tell me that, either.

12. Yikes, iaminfamy.

Well I thought that “Don’t suck other dude’s dicks” was a perfectly acceptable rule.

Apparently my ex didn’t think that was integral to the relationship.

13. the_wise_u has an excellent point.

I will be jealous of some of your lady friends, you’ll be jealous of some of my guy friends, but we don’t get to tell each other who we can and can’t be friends with.

(Unless of course there’s serious boundaries being overstepped)

14. I would certainly hope not, partofbreakfast.

No physical violence or threats of physical violence. If you hit me or raise a hand against me in a threat, we’re through.

15. sometimesidrawfish, same.

I come with a dog. This is not negotiable.

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