Damn, even P!nk’s breastfeeding photos are epic

P!nk is an international pop star and mother of two, and the amount of energy it must take to accomplish both of these feats is truly staggering to me (particularly as someone who can spend the entire day on the couch and then say “I really need a nap right now.”)

It turns out, the key to killing it as an entertainer and being there for your kids? Multitasking, baby.

P!nk recently shared a breastfeeding photo of herself with her son, Jameson — which isn’t anything too unusual, in and of itself. But the truly remarkable detail of the photo is that it features P!nk actually in a makeup chair, getting her hair and makeup done for a performance.

Girl, that is some serious juggling.

Jameson can multitask too #workflow @pamwiggy @kathyjeung

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(Also, props to Jameson for his work with that makeup brush.)

This isn’t the first time the singer has gotten candid bout the messy realities of motherhood. Just four days ago, she shared a photo of her daughter, Willow riding a bike around the house, without a shirt or helmet … because sometimes moms need a break and just have to let kids do their own, weird shit.

The caption reads, “Yeah my kid rides her bike inside. Without clothes. And helmets. While I ignore her and look at my phone. #failingbeautifully#loveinthebigapplein2017.”

Snaps for taking on the two most taxing jobs in the world, P!nk — you’re slaying ’em both.

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