12 adult problems no one actually prepares you for in real life

Becoming an adult includes a lot of “why didn’t anyone tell me that?” moments. It’s a lot of trial and error that we could’ve dodged if we were warned. We spend so much time discovering things we’ll never apply IRL instead of learning the adult problems no one prepares you for, like these Reddit stories.

1. SalemScout gets real about zits not always being a puberty phase

You still have acne.

I swear I was told a hundred times by adults, including my own doctor, that once you get older and your hormones calm down, you don’t get acne.

Nope. You still get it. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it comes back. Medication will set it off. Decided to go for a jog? Yup, acne on you back, bacne.

Don’t be fooled, it’s not just teenagers who get acne.

2. throw-away_catch shared that eating in is a pricey penny, too

How fucking expensive groceries are if you don’t plan ahead and take your time to find special deals

3. beeblebr0x said you should save more than you think

Something I’ve learned the past year is that every month, something – some unexpected expense – will come up. Auto repairs, medical bills, vet bills…

Being an adult means you’ll plan on saving extra money next month, only to have fate rip it away from you.

4. notsofastandy shared that pools are a pain in the ass to own

“You don’t want a swimming pool. You want a friend with a swimming pool.”

5. Same story goes for boats according to DoritosAreQuiteNice

That the two happiest days you ever have when you buy your own boat is the day you first buy it and the day you sell it.

6. -Mavoko- wants you to know the value of socializing

How important is to be social. Besides all the positive relationships you could make with friends and partners, apparently is also important to have a good relation with coworkers, bosses and pretty much people that can help you to look for opportunities in your career

7. Metabolism slowed down for mrbadassmotherfucker

Not being able to eat everything I want after hitting 30

8. travelista gets realistic about health

Health problems. It’s something you imagine will happen to you late in life, like your 70’s or 80’s. But when you get diagnosed with a chronic disease in your 30’s or younger, you just aren’t prepared for that!

9. bosstrasized said there is no aha! adult moment

Nobody tells you that you’ll never actually feel like an adult, you just have more responsibilities.

10. Even deciding what food to eat is hard for U-F-OHNO

Figuring out what to cook for dinner has got to be the most difficult. Forget the mortgage, signing up for a 401k, balancing a checkbook, dinner is the real issue.

11. ExiledBrazilian reminds us that it’s not just older family members that age


Where the hell they come from? I don’t recognise my hands anymore. Whose hands are these? Some old guy for sure, not mine!

12. Allcyon pointed out the obvious but it’s always a good reminder

If you eat a whole pizza, you’re going to have a bad time.

You’ve been warned! But take adulthood with stride and own every single moment you have because life is awesome.

12 adult problems no one actually prepares you for in real life 2 12 adult problems no one actually prepares you for in real life

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