This couple’s hilarious ’80s-themed anniversary photoshoot will make you want to bust out the shoulder pads

I can’t deny that some 19080’s fashion mainstays are definitely coming back into style (lookin’ at you, high-waisted jeans). That said, some ’80s looks are still pretty cringe-worthy, so much so that almost everyone agrees that they ought to be left in the past.

Everyone, that is, except Steve and Danielle VanHorn.

This fun-loving couple has been together for a whopping 10 years. And instead of doing a typical anniversary shoot, this pair decided to add a little extra cheese and do a full-on 1980’s-style photoshoot, complete with puffy hair, shoulder pads and wire-rimmed glasses.

“In looking at throwback Thursday pictures on Facebook and old family photos we always get a big laugh, so we thought, why not do a throwback session?” Steve VanHorn told BuzzFeed. “We’ve done Western photos at the beach since our first vacation together in 2003. Those funny pics line the hallways of our home and have included everyone from parents and kids to my 86-year-old grandmother-in-law.”

Apparently, all it took was a cursory trip to the local thrift store to dig up the proper threads for such a photoshoot. As for the posing, well, that part of the shoot seemed to come pretty naturally to the VanHorns.

“Danielle’s naturally big hair definitely played well with the theme,” Steve added.

Steve also said the photoshoot was a fun way to honor the true spirit of the couple, and a side of them that not everybody gets to see. “Our closest friends know we’re goofs but many people outside of our circle don’t know us for being quite so silly.”

Giggle Monster Photography coordinated the whole shoot, and according to Steve, the business name was especially apt for the day’s mood — none of them could stop laughing.

“The photographer especially struggled to keep it together. It was a blast!”

It’s rare to find a couple so devoted to keeping things fun and ridiculous, especially after 10 years of marriage. Hats off to the VanHorns!

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