Every WTF moment from last night’s ‘Game of Thrones’ in 20 tweets

It’s been a long wait until this season of Game of Thrones but that’s only made the tweets, memes, and jokes all the better.

Arya Stark straight-up killed the rest of the Frey family for their role in the Red Wedding

Ed Sheerhan showed up for some reason and Arya drank wine with him

Euron Greyjoy proposed to Cersei dressed all in black leather

Sam’s job at the Citadel was a little shittier than he expected

The Hound got a little emo on us

Danaerys got the homecoming she deserves

Everyone realized the Jon Snow needs an upgrade…

…and that Siri is a closet Game of Thrones fan…

But not everyone had a good time, since HBO’s servers were having a tough time handling the traffic

Still, some mistakes are worth it

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