15 employers share the worst ways candidates screwed up job interviews and it’s horrifying

Interviewing is one of the least natural social situations one can go through. It’s hard to talk about yourself and no matter how much you research, you never know when your mind decides to completely brain fart. Everything turns into a blur and you can only hope you look smarter and less nervous than you internally felt.

But these Reddit employers took their stories up a notch by sharing the worst ways people totally F’d up their job interviews and it’s a total train wreck.

GC_Liam started with a simple question (so he thought)

Resume included a startup he founded. I asked about it: “Tell me about your startup, sorry, what was it called again?” He forgot. He forgot the fucking name of the startup he founded a year prior.

Thomystic liked a resume that was probably made by the candidate’s mom

20 something chick with an impressive looking resume…

…but then she showed up with her Mom in tow, and actually expected mom to come into the interview.

eggplantsrin’s guy was in denial about the time

Had an interviewee show up 10 minutes late to an interview, tell us our clock was wrong and proceed to take it off the wall and adjust it. After he left of course we adjusted it back to the actual time.

ablino_rhino interviewed someone with a regretful tattoo

A guy came in for interview and seemed like a nice guy. He turned around to leave and he had a tattoo of a pot leaf with the word “canabus” on his head. That’s right. Not cannabis. Canabus.

Cervelodriver witnessed a seriously hungover dude

I was interviewing a guy for an entry level mgmt position, along with one of my managers. Was having kind of a tough interview with the candidate because he was really struggling to answer questions. He suddenly jumped up from his chair (in a conference room) and power hurled into a waste basket. Asked him if he was okay, and did he need to reschedule and got a shrug with “I’m good, just kinda got trashed last night and feeling the effects this morning.” He interview didn’t take long to wrap up from there

Damocles2010‘s candidate wanted the pay without actually showing up for the job

I was hiring for a Senior Project Manager – quite a full-on role that may have required some extra work at times (for which I was always happy to compensate with time off in lieu).

A well qualified girl came in to interview. She hadn’t been working for several months. No big deal but worth exploring.

“I had some problems with my last Manager…” (Red Flags start waving)

“What kind of problem?” (I’ve had problems with Managers too – both those that I have worked for and those that work for me – not entirely uncommon…)

“Well…. He like wanted me to come into the office EVERY day…” With a huge eye roll..

“Hmmm – Was it a fulltime job?”

“Yes I guess so. Would you want me to work, like, EVERY day? Because sometimes I just wake up and want to go back to sleep again…”

“Ahhh yes we would – and I don’t think that this role is for you…”

I wasn’t sure for a moment if I was on Candid Camera – but she was serious…

CobyCoyle witnessed a foot-in-mouth answer

Proceeded to respond to the program manager’s question of “what did you do/would you do if you had a conflict with another coworker” with an extremely long anecdote about how he worked with this guy who got his girlfriend at the time pregnant, and he had to see this guy every day at work and resist beating his ass. The program manager was staring at him and went “oh…” and then he felt the need to say “I mean, I got him outside of work, but I NEVER touched him at work”

pizzaowp couldn’t have prepared for this kind of crazy

Last week I was interviewing candidates for a GM position. In the middle of an interview with a gentleman his son walks in, looks me in the eye, says, “be careful, he fucking kills people”. Then, he makes the throat slash symbol.

I just stare blankly and he says, “just kidding. Hey dad, I need the keys to the car”. His dad gave him the keys and he walked out.

strawberrypops’ colleague gave so many opportunities

A colleague of mine called this guy in for an interview. He didn’t show and about 2 hours after he was due in, he called and said he’d been hit by a car. Colleague decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and they arranged another day. The day arrives and he didn’t turn up again. We got a call from him a while later saying he’d broken his tooth on an almond and couldn’t come as he’d had to rush to a dentist. My incredibly trusting colleague decided to try one more time another day. The guy turned up drunk.

KreativeKay got the same terrible response each time

I had one woman answer every one of my questions with “Because I need a job.” Except when we got to the math questions (approximately 3rd grade level and I allow calculators) and she got every one of them wrong.

Xerloq didn’t fall for it

Two candidates, one after another, with the same address on each resume. First guy chats me up, bouncing in his seat, talking about how he can’t wait to get to happy hour through the whole interview. He gives one or two word answers to everything. Talks about how much he loves our competitors products. I’m flabbergasted throughout most of the interview. I conclude the 45 minute interview in 15 minutes and I ask if he has any questions. He asks if he can leave me with a high five and an exploding fist bump for good luck.

I take a 30 min break until the next candidate, and see the first guy talking to candidate #2 in the lobby. It becomes pretty apparent the second guy got the first to “bomb” his interview so he would look better. Neither were hired.

WHTMage just wanted it to end

A girl talked about her breasts, her ex boyfriend stalking her, how she packs heat at all times, even though its illegal in certain places in our state, how she had a child at 15 and regrets it and the child is taken care of by her mother who refuses to speak to her, how her last job was cleaning up shit at a burger king and she spoke in graphic detail about cleaning up shit with pennies in it, and how she was fired from that job “for some reason”, and how she wants to bang our manager.

…for a part time retail position.

I really wish I was making this up. It was the most uncomfortable ten minutes of my life.

bookcheb got stuck with a social media fanatic

Halfway through the interview, my boss left for a few minutes to take a phone call. While he was gone, I asked the candidate if she had any questions for me. She immediately tries to pull a besties schtick and asks things like, “Do they block any websites on the computers here? Like, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.? “, “You can text and use messenger when he’s (my boss) not around, right?”, and my personal favorite, “How much time to you actually have to spend working?”.

TheAlmightySpoon immediately regretted taking this interview

I work at a science museum and I had a gem of an interviewee. The first thing he asked was “What is this, some kind of science museum?” I asked him if he had cash register experience and his response was “I guess?” without any further explanation as to what that meant. To top it off, he loudly belched mid-interview.

nickl104 was flipped the bird

I worked for a car rental company, and our building was a bit awkward to get into. You had to go past the building and hang a U-Turn to get to us.

I had been in interviews all day, and had about 30 minutes before my next, so I opted to run out for food. When I left the lot, a young lady cut across, driving the wrong way in traffic, then flipped me off when we almost collided.

You already know the rest; I came back, and she was waiting in the lobby, resume in hand. I told her to leave immediately.

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