An Uber Eats delivery guy sent a really salty text to a customer, and it has everybody reeling

Typically, ordering takeout is an unremarkable experience, and your contact with the delivery person is pretty limited — unless, of course, the delivery guy makes a point of making himself memorable.

20-year-old University of Michigan student Alisha Jennings-Oluwosuko has been spending time with a hospitalized family member at the John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. Recently, Alisha decided to order some food from BOZ’s Burger Bistro, but got so caught up in things going on at the hospital that she forgot to check her phone.

When Alisha finally connected with her Uber Eats delivery guy, he made a bold choice and decided to serve up a bit of sass.

Um, it’s a pretty bold move to sass somebody who’s at a hospital, dude.

However, Alisha says that the guy apologized for being salty when she finally came down to pick up her food order. “He goes, ‘you saw what I said, I was just messing around … I come here all the time and I always come into the main entrance,'” Alisha told BuzzFeed.

When Alisha shared the exchange on Twitter, people couldn’t help but laugh at this dude’s major sass.

However, Uber wasn’t quite as amused by their employee’s cheeky response, clearly concerned that they were getting a bad rap as a result of one person’s snide comment.

Everyone was like, “Um, calm down Uber, it was just a joke.”

The brand later responded to the text message with their own little quip about delivery via helicopter, though, so it looks like they learned to laugh about the incident.

To give credit where credit is due, delivery is a pretty thankless task, and it’s incredibly likely that this guy had already experienced a pretty grueling and unpleasant day before making this particular delivery.

So, maybe we can all just cut him some slack and give him props for managing summon up the energy to serve up some spunk? After all, a little attitude keeps life interesting.

But, next time, maybe don’t try to joke with somebody while they’re looking after a sick family member in the hospital. Just a thought.

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