5 reasons to say “Hell Yeah!” this week

Is it just me or has this week seemed significantly longer than usual? Is it over yet?

Fortunately, we’ve finally come upon Friday and there are just a few more hours left until freedom. So, while you sit at your desk counting down the minutes until 5pm—let’s review some of the good news the internet had to offer this week. It’ll make the time go by faster, we promise. Happy Friday!

1. This woman’s realistic Instagram post about clothing sizes

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“When it comes to clothing, the sizing for women is always a crap-shoot. A woman who is a size 8 in one store could easily find herself shopping for a size 12 in another store. Is it any wonder, then, that dressing rooms are often the most stressful places on Earth?

Instagram user Katy recently proved this point by posting two dressing room selfies of herself trying trying on two different pairs of the same leggings.”


2. This woman’s hilarious saga about farting during yoga

“Laura Mazza, a mother of two and the blogger behind Mum on the Run, recently got real about a mortifying moment she experienced when she tried a yoga class for the first time since having kids — and even though it’s a pretty embarrassing story, it’s also undeniably hilarious.”


3. This impromptu Gilmore Girls reunion

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“Sometimes it’s difficult for me to accept the fact that the Gilmore Girls aren’t real, Stars Hollow is a nonexistent town, and the residents who live there are simply actors as opposed to actual, colorful neighbors. Perhaps that’s why it gives me such joy when the stars of Gilmore Girls actually find a way to hang out in real life.

Recently, Yanic Truesdale (who plays the grumpy French concierge, Michel) went on a little vacay to Greece. While he was there, he happened to run into none other than the real-life Sookie St. James, Melissa McCarthy.”


4. Stephen Colbert’s young photos

“Back in March, the internet was blessed with the resurfacing of several striking photos of an adolescent Justin Trudeau and tbh, we are still fanning ourselves. There’s something about seeing an already-attractive man in his younger years that we just can’t quite get enough of.

This is probably why when we heard that someone had discovered pictures of a young Stephen Colbert, we immediately had to find them. And let’s just say, we haven’t stopped drooling since.”


5. Emily Ratajkowski embracing the beauty of boobs

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“Anyone who has kept up with the supermodel outside of her stunning photo shoots is aware that she is also a compelling voice for female empowerment and equality. In fact, Ratajkowski recently spoke to Alluremagazine about the utterly ridiculous taboo our society places on breasts and we could not agree more. You tell it, girl!”



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