16 people told us which movie title best describes their love life, and we sympathize

When describing your love life, it’s often difficult to be succinct, particularly if you have a colorful and varied relationship history. But it’s especially difficult when you have a limited number of words in which to encapsulate all of your past heartache — such as, say, the number of words in a movie title.

But hey, the challenge is where the fun comes in, right?

We posed the question “If you could describe your love life in one movie title, what would it be?” on theBERRY’s social media, and you guys had some hilariously clever (and way-too-relatable) responses.

1. jctoste203’s list of lovers really runs the gamut.

The good the bad and the ugly

2. heyhaiden has apparently had some rather raucous times in the bedroom.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

3. _sarah_lutz_ is placed firmly in the friend zone …

Just friends

4. … merlemarcus, however, still gets to enjoy some action in the friend zone.

Friends with benefits

5. bessmc86 wants older guys to know they NEED NOT APPLY.

No country for old men

6. kittyb00b00 is satisfied, as long as she’s got her *ahem* accoutrements.

Toy story

7. It sounds like jenu294 actually has a pretty romantic love life.

Love Actually (suggested by hubs, awww)

8. _emmadanielle_’s guys are here today, gone tomorrow.

How to lose a guy in 10 days

9. kmosher16’s love life hasn’t had such a great go of it, apparently.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

10. k_new520 is pregnant! (Congrats!)

Currently? “Knocked Up”

11. seeingstars87 is you-know-what and ready to mingle.

How to be Single

12. graciousxx has no idea what they’re doing. (Same, TBH.)


13. the_smitsonian is literally just chillin’ on the couch most Saturday nights.

Home Alone

14. cotgp has apparently experienced their fair share of quickies …

Gone in 60 Seconds

15. copper0928 has no idea how to deal with this whole dating thing.

Dazed and Confused

16. auntie_deda doesn’t get many texts back, apparently.


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