A man promised to marry his long-term girlfriend if her Facebook post got over 500 likes, and got way more than he bargained for

If you’ve been with a guy long enough, questions about marriage are bound to arise. And, while many would advise that pressuring your partner into a commitment is a decidedly bad idea, some women feel compelled to take matters into their own hands. This can involve holding out, threatening to break up, or any other number of drastic measures meant to light a fire under their partner’s ass.

However, as one woman recently discovered, sometimes it’s much easier to take your fight to social media.

Facebook user Amanda Barr recently shared a rather interesting development about her boyfriend of 13 years, Stuart: apparently, Stuart would finally agree to marry her if one of her Facebook posts received over 500 likes and 50 shares. Not surprisingly, things got out of hand fairly quickly, and it looks like this Stuart may be strong-armed into popping the question after all.

Amanda posted a photo of herself and Stuart with a Facebook caption, which reads:

So as many of you already know me and Stuart has Been together now for 13 years we have 3 amazing beautifull children, a lovely home, we are happy and content. The only problem is my last name!! iv been nagging him for the past 10 years now to get married but no luck such as yet!! So enough is enough now I’m not getting any younger I would love to be married by next year. So Stuart has said if I get 500 likes and 50 shares by the end of this month he will propose this year and set a date for next year … so I need all mine and Stuart’s family and friends to share and like the hell out of this post. LETS GET ME DOWN THE AISLE GUYS

As expected, the post positively skyrocketed, garnering over 26,000 likes and 11,000 shares.

Though the lighthearted post seems to have been done in good fun, this is the internet. As such, people were intent on ruining the spirit of the post by leaving rude comments about how likes shouldn’t determine a relationship status and how Stuart would have married Amanda already if he really loved her.

So, allow me to say: It’s just a bit of fun, everybody. Calm down. You cannot judge a relationship which you know nothing about.  Also, I have a feeling this guy wouldn’t potentially “sentence” himself to marriage if he weren’t up for actually taking the next step. (Also, the couple has been together over a decade and has three kids, so I’m pretty sure the jig is up, in terms of willingness to commit.)

Here’s hoping that these two continue to have a long and happy life together — and here’s hoping that Stuart has learned his lesson about making Facebook-related bets.

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