This new miracle product from Lush Cosmetics is a serious game-changer for anyone with tattoos

If you love Lush cosmetics and permanent body art, then you’d best hold onto your butt, because you’re in for a majorly beneficial new product launch.

Lush is releasing a new moisturizing balm, called “Elbow Grease.” The balm will not only benefit dry and chapped skin all over the body, it will also breathe new life into any tattoos you may have, revitalizing the ink’s color and offering renewed vibrance.

This is great news, since taking care of your skin is especially important when you have tattoos. As Lush Social Media Community Manager, Sabine, says, “You are now the art gallery curator of your own body. The better you take care of your skin, the better your tattoos will look as they age.”


940404 21 This new miracle product from Lush Cosmetics is a serious game changer for anyone with tattoos


The balm, which was reformulated from the body butter of the same name, comes in a little black pot, making it infinitely portable — perfect for moisturizing your skin on the go. (Just don’t leave it in your hot car!)

If you’re wondering what miraculous ingredients make this tattoo-friendly balm so special, just take a gander at the product’s description on Lush’s website:


When your skin needs a tune up, this hardworking balm is up for the job. Rich cupuaçu, murumuru and illipe butters deliver maximum moisture to dry, tight or flaky skin for instant relief. Originally designed for elbows, it’d be a shame to deny the rest of the body its magical ways—so go ahead and use it anywhere you’d like! It’s especially fab for keeping tattoos vibrant, so smooth it over your healed ink to make those colors and details pop, and enjoy its gentle citrusy perfume of neroli and orange flower that’ll keep your spirits bright all day.

It moisturizes, nourishes and smells great? That’s a triple-threat body product if I’ve ever heard of one.

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“Elbow Grease” costs $10.95 for a 1.7 oz pot, and will be officially unveiled in Lush stores on July 31.

And if you don’t have tattoos, don’t feel left out: the balm is still beneficial on un-inked skin, and provides wonderful results on elbows, heels, and any especially dry or flaky patches of skin. (Particularly if you deal with eczema or psoriasis.)

But, who knows? This miracle product is so effective, it may very well inspire you to get some fresh ink!

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