This woman’s messy desktop is causing Twitter to have an organizational panic attack

If you’re on your computer for a considerable amount of time every day (i.e., if you have a pulse), then you understand that keeping your desktop clean is a consistent decision which requires effort and diligence. However, if you’re like me and have an unreasonably messy desktop, then you also understand that “effort” and “diligence” are commodities which are often difficult to come by.

That said, even the sloppiest among us probably shouldn’t let our disorganized computers get past a certain point — unless you’re one of the few who takes a special glee in being truly and impressively messy.

Twitter user @aidasaidso recently shared a screenshot of a conversation with her (apparently messy) friend, Carley. “Every day, Carley texts me a screenshot of her desktop and every day, it gets worse,” she wrote.

Sure, enough the screenshots of the thousands of documents on Carley’s computer screen speak for themselves.

Damn, girl! You could do a paleontological dig on that screen, it’s buried so deep!

People on Twitter were practically ripping their hair out in frustration — particularly the Type A personalities.

Although some people actually made it worse by sharing photos of their own messy desktops.

Apparently, @aidasaidso found the whole thing to be pretty hilarious, and wasn’t at all perturbed by her friend’s digital hoarding problem.

But, it looks like the viral tweet was enough to make Carley consider cleaning up her act — for now, anyway.

C’mon, girl. You know you’re never gonna post those memes.

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