13 people told us about their most awkward online dating experiences and we’re just going to stay single, thanks

Dating in any capacity is an eye-opening experience, but online romance is probably the most unique method of our generation. It seems like everyone and their mom is using swiping apps or match sites like OkCupid. Sure, there are some success stories from people who meet “the one” online, but those are few and far between. Most of the time, it’s just plain awkward and frustrating.

We decided to ask theBERRY audience about their most awkward online dating encounters and the responses are pure gold. They’ll also make you consider deleting every swiping app on your phone.

1. violet.ambition_  got tricked by an old profile.

Pictures were 5 years old and he had put on about 80lbs since… didn’t find out until he showed up.

2. cindypowpow’s date got a little handsy.

Total awkward meal, no connection when we left he hugged me and gently tapped my ass like you would do to a kid!

3. katiedmae07 should probably start dating older men.

He offered to pay for the meal then on the way home asked to borrow $20 to get him through the week because he ran out of his weekly allowance from his parents… we were both 25

4. These are what we call red flags, kaylaehresman.

Third date, he asked me if I bruised easily 😳 then at the conclusion of the date he kissed me and as he pulled away he honked my nose….

5. adri_kcco’s date sounds like he might have a complex.

First date – 6 inches shorter than he said on his profile & then proceeded to yell at me about my marriage views.

6. rdavis64 discovered that some people have very unique tastes.

He was into role playing…..like he wears a diaper and acts like a baby role playing. Wasn’t into it at all so I quit seeing him, he still messages me every so often to see if I want to try it.

7. thedanimal408 encountered someone with serious daddy issues.

This one time, a girl really wanted to date me…because she said I looked just like her Dad.

8. kenzie_lievers wasn’t ready for this level of commitment after a first date.

Went to the bathroom three times in the span of an hour, made me pay for my own meal which was fine, except he ate off my plate. Left kept texting me he loved me. This was our first date/first time meeting!

9. juliablushinggulia should probably run, or call the cops.

We went back to my house after coffee to hang out and he took out his gun and slammed it on the coffee table like some kind of cowboy 😳😳

10. mountainboxers probably turned down this offer.

He asked if I wanted to meet his roommates……His roommates were his parents 😬

11. sarahmaria14 clearly is not a cat person.

He talked about his 2 pet hairless cats the whole time.

12. widman6 probably snuck out through the bathroom after this.

First date guy told me he loved me and wanted to introduce me to his mother… uhhh lol. Another date licked my face… 🙄

13. banded_wildlife might not be online dating anymore.

First ever online date. Unknowingly the “next Monday” when we’d agreed to meet was Valentine’s Day. My car died in his driveway when I got there. A friend had to come drive me home over an hour away (I lived in a remote area, thus the foray into online dating).

13 people told us about their most awkward online dating experiences and were just going to stay single thanks 2 13 people told us about their most awkward online dating experiences and were just going to stay single, thanks

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