14 middle school teachers revealed the cringiest thing they’ve witnessed a student do

Middle school is an awkward and challenging time. It’s the stages where puberty and school crushes are in full effect which tends to make for unwanted circumstances. Curiosity about everything is running wild and those “great” ideas kids have with impressing people are actually the worst. So when these middle school teachers on Reddit were asked about the most awkward thing they’ve seen their student’s do, the responses will make you feel embarrassed for both the teacher and kid.

1. Silmelinwen learned how kids dodged being rejected

Around the eighth grade dance season (they call it prom), there is a whole lot of cringiness roaming the halls. One popular tactic among the boys was explained to me,

“We ask the girl to prom, and then we run away so she can’t say no.”

2. Zeniaaa food attempt story that went terribly wrong

Once, a student snuck a bar of soap into her class, ate it, and proceeded to run out of the classroom and start vomiting. Apparently, he did it to impress his friends.

3. liaTheGiraffe witnessed something she didn’t want to see

Saw a student write “boi pussy” on the whiteboard thinking nobody was looking.

4. The intentions were hilariously harmless for soupjungle’s student

I was demonstrating convection, which included burning some newspaper. One kid piped up with “hmm, that smells like incest”. He meant incense. They were too young to get it, but I nearly died trying not to laugh.

5. One kid really liked to lick in charm_city_princess’s class

I had a 6th grader lick a book. He definitely tried to keep it on the DL, so he looked around, made sure no one was looking in his direction, and then licked the book. It was a tongue-poke, then a full out lick up the spine of the book.

6. Mital37‘s student went a little overboard with attempting to impress people

I taught 4th grade last year, and I had a student who was 12 years old (middle school age, held back a few years). She always did very odd things to try to impress her classmates, but they were relatively tame…until there was a line in the bathroom and she took her pants off, squatted over the trashcan and peed. 4 or 5 girls came running out of the bathroom and told on her

7. Ekaceseehc‘s kid thought he was being sneaky

I had a kid carve his own name in his desk, but he couldn’t figure out how we caught him.

8. This student refused to work with Izmona

One day, while the whole class was completing an assignment, this student was not working. When I addressed the issue, the student threw a fit and started crawling around on the floor, underneath the other student’s desks. Now I don’t know when you’ve last been in a middle school classroom, but the floor is absolutely filthy. This student thoroughly embarrassed themselves, as was evident by the looks received from the other students. The whole situation was extremely awkward for everyone, especially when the student realized that they would get no support from the other students.

9. The right intentions were there for merrypassenger‘s situation

One student wanted to ask me if I had a doppelgänger. What he actually said was, “Do you have a dingleberry?”

10. bergv1‘s story is the worst

We had this one kid in our 8th grade class stick his entire hand in a cake that was being passed around for a party, grab a chunk and started eating it like a neanderthal. It was chocolate and his face was covered. When he finished his chunk of cake with everyone looking in disgust he then proceeded to lick every finger. It was torture watching.

He also ended up being the kid that threatened to blow up the school at the end of the year.

11. An obvious NOPE for The_Third_Three

Scratched their butt with a ruler inside their pants and then put the ruler back into the container of rulers

12. It was a terrible trend for SurfinSocks

A bunch of kids bought collared shirts so they could ‘pop them like nick crompton’

13. Typical_Midwestern witnessed a sweet gesture that turned sour

Valentine’s Day and a boy brings a girl a dozen roses. They were both in my homeroom, so I watched this all go down right in front of me. I had literally never seen these two have a conversation before, either. Girl didn’t know what to do with roses at 7am so she threw the roses in the trash can literally 20 seconds after it happened and went on her merry way. The boy never found out.

14. salamander_dragon learned one of his students thought he was cute

I’m a male teacher. I once confiscated a note being passed between 6th grade girls. It turned out it was a list and they ranked all the boys in the grade in terms of “attractiveness.” I didn’t really look at it but later I showed it to my team and they pointed out that my name was #4 on the list…

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