17 people share the most brutally honest thing their kid has ever said and I can’t stop laughing

Anyone who has ever been around children knows how brutally honest they can be. When it comes to kids, there’s no filterโ€”no tiny voice that says ‘hey maybe don’t tell that woman that her wig is crooked or point out that man’s lazy eye’.

Parents are all too familiar with kids blurting out unintentionally hilarious and uncomfortable observations while in public. Fortunately for us, these utterly mortified moms and dads have taken to Twitter to share their best stories.

1. This potentially offensive comparison

2. This kid telling her mom not to wear diamonds

3. This son’s thoughtful fashion advice

4. This kid that felt the need to point everything out

5. This unfortunate similarity

6. This little one throwing some serious shade

7. This kid’s hilariously skewed perception of time

8. This legitimate question

9. This innocent attempt at a compliment

10. This 2-year-old just telling it how it is

11. This unfiltered honesty

12. This 4-year-old who should probably steer clear of pregnant women

13. This very serious question

14. This mortifying inquisition

15. This horrific, but funny misunderstanding

16. This little boy just trying to look out for his mom

17. This embarrassing proof that kids repeat everything they hear

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