This adorable dad and his baby girl are the costumed heroes we deserve

Not every dad will willing play dress up with his little girl, but California Instagrammer Sholom Ber Solomon and 9-month-old Zoe are taking playtime up a notch.

Looking at his Instagram, you could tell this daddy was ready for his little girl to come into the world. And when you see how cute these two are when you get them in costume, you’ll know why.

In lots of ways, Sholom Ber Solomon and his little girl are just like any father and daughter duo.

They expand their palates, be it on the grill…

at the local sushi spot…

or in the kitchen.

They find enrichment in the arts.

They double up on the bath time suds.

They take family vacations, like to Hawaii…

and on safari.

They garden together.

They veg out in front of the TV.

They get into trouble.

Lots of trouble.

They even run errands together.

Awww, A++ for creativity and bonding time.

[h/t BoredPanda]

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