Rihanna’s junk food stock-up video is a middle finger to the body-shamers

Recently, people have felt even more inclined than usual to comment on Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s body. Due to the star’s slight weight gain, multiple publications have felt compelled to label Rihanna as “fat” (even though some of these articles were later deleted due to backlash).

For some reason, people just can’t keep their damn mouths shut about RiRi’s bod — but Rihanna has made it clear that she’s paying these haters no mind.

Recently, a Rihanna fan account posted a throwback video of Miss Fenty herself stocking up on snacks in a convenient store. The caption says that anyone who wants to call Rihanna “too fat” could just listen to Rihanna’s bestie, Melissa Forde, in the video clip.

In the video, the friend behind the camera pokes fun at RiRi for grabbing so many snacks — while Melissa is quick to shut that sh*t down.

“You’re judging her,” she says to the camera. “Stop judging her!”

The message was clear: haters, please stop judging Rihanna’s body.

Apparently, Rihanna herself was pleased by the display of solidarity, because she actually commented on the video, saying “Somebody called me too fat?” accompanied by laughing emoji.

gallery 1501506950 image uploaded from ios 113 Rihannas junk food stock up video is a middle finger to the body shamers

So, yeah. If y’all were worried that RiRi might be taking these critics’ words to heart, never fear — she’s made it pretty clear that she’s not going to be bothered or intimidated by body-shaming.

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