Everyone is dragging the New York Post for their article about boobs coming back in style

Occasionally, an article pops up on your feed that truly makes you do a double-take — either because of its alarming content, or because the headline is so ridiculous that it forces you to check and make sure you’re wearing your contact lenses.

Recently, the New York Post tweeted out one of these articles, and Twitter wasted no time in taking it to task.

Yesterday, during what must have been a meager news day for the “Style” vertical, the New York Post tweeted out an article entitled “Boobs are back in a big way.” The link to the article was accompanied by photos of busty celebrities showing off their cleavage on the red carpet.

Um, yeah, New York Post. People dig boobs. NO SH*T.

The fact that a publication thought this idea was an insightful scoop that was worth writing up and publicizing is truly astounding. This is either a shameless traffic grab, or the person who pitched this article recently awoke from a coma dating back to the 1920s (i.e., the only period I can think of when boobs were not on trend).

Not surprisingly, Twitter took the opportunity to roast the New York Post and its bizarrely out-of-date perspective on cleavage.

Bottom line: boobs have been great, and they stand a very good chance of always being great.

In other news, the sky is blue and water is wet.

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