Just 24 of the best tweets of July while we ponder how TF it’s already August

1. This sad reality. 

2. This absolute banger from the Uber driver of the year. 

3. This bread that has us feeling some kinda way. 

4. This husband who is never doing the grocery shopping for his wife ever again. 

5. This tall order. 

6. This is honestly all of us. 

7. This dogabeetus ad. 

8. This reason for trust issues. 

9. This *kisses fingers* molto bene tweet. 

10. This stab in the back. 

11. This power play. 

12. This double, make that quadruple, check. 

13. This artist’s rendition of Come Together.

14. This helicopter dog mom

15. This obviously Canadian jar. 

16. This honest reaction. 

17. This poor excuse for a pet. 

18. This very hetero Dad joke. 

19. This NdGT fact.

20. This next level toilet. 

21. This shout out to the MVPs who proofread. 

22. This unfortunate subway sign. 

23. This TV show that 20 year old me would have watched. 

24. This animosity from an emotionally scarred Seth Rogen. 

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