This nurse’s son has some strong words for anybody who tries to shame his mom for her tattoos

Though tattoos are gradually gaining more acceptance in mainstream society, there is still a persistent and outdated notion that someone with tattoos is somehow unprofessional or a deadbeat. For millennials, this may be hard to believe, considering the number of Pinterest pages devoted to trendy and fashionable tattoos — but for older generations, it can still be a point of contention.

Jordan Miller’s mother, Misti Johnson, works in a hospital as a nurse. And yes — she has a significant number of tattoos, which some people view as counterintuitive to the healthcare profession image. However, Miller recently made a Facebook post telling those very critics that their presumptions about his mom and her tattoos in no way effect her ability to go above and beyond at work every day.

Miller’s Facebook post reads:

Talking to my mom tonight (who is a registered nurse) and she was telling me about how strict some hospitals are when it comes to employees having tattoos. I must say I am kind of confused. 
I’ve seen my mom pull a lady out of a car before it fills with smoke and she suffocates. I’ve seen her do stitches on an injured person on the side of the road following a car accident. I’ve seen her come home after a 12-hour shift, dead tired after dealing with an abusive patient all day, and get back up and do it again the next day. She’s come home after holding a baby in her hands and watching it take their last breath. She’s saved a drug addicts life after overdosing in the hospital bed. 
Tattoos don’t define the person. 
My mom has more tattoos than I can count and it has never, ever affected her work ethic. She will wake up at the same time everyday and save a life.

The Facebook post has since gone viral, with over 173,00 likes and 113,000 shares. It would definitely seem as though Miller isn’t the only one who thinks that working professionals should not be judged by their tattoo sleeves.

Misti Johnson, Miller’s mom, responded to all of the support on Facebook in her own post:

Wow we never expected National attention from the “tattoo nurse” post. I’m beyond honored. I know some won’t and don’t approve of the tats but I’m almost positive if it meant life and death. My tats would be the last of your worrries! Cheers to all the supporters.

She also added that, even though there were some negative reactions, she highly doubts that the haters would be singing the same tune if they were actually in an emergency situation in the hospital:

So I gotta say after seeing the angry reactions. I wonder if they would care about my tattoos if I’m doing chest compressions to save their life or one of their loved ones. Would they wake up and say did you really save me with all your tattoos or will they thank me? Food for thought!

Perhaps it’s time that everyone actually take to heart that elementary school lesson about not judging people by their appearances — particularly if they happen to be in the position of saving your life.

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