People are losing it over this confused 8-year-old using a menstrual pad in her makeup tutorial vid

Can you remember your reaction when you first encountered feminine hygiene products? Odds are, unless you took sex ed way ahead of the curve, you were a tad confused by the appearance of pads and tampons.

Well, thanks to one recent viral video, you should be thanking your lucky stars that the internet wasn’t available to you during those adolescent moments of discovery.

Jaiden Park’s 8-year-old sister recently decided to conduct her own makeup tutorial video, presumably using items she found in her older sister’s makeup bag. However, when the young makeup artist encountered a pantyliner, she was at a loss as to how the mysterious object might be incorporated into her makeup routine.

So, she did what any professional would do, and she improvised.

Dead. I’m dead.

People on Twitter were equally tickled by the young girl’s baffling encounter with her first menstrual pad. Nobody could stop watching and re-watching the awkwardness.

Just wait until she gets older and is forced to reckon with the grueling realities that come with those sanitary napkins. (Ah, to be young again!) For now, I hope she’s having the time of her life, blissfully unaware that those cotton pads have no business being stuck to her forehead.

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