5 reasons so say “Hell Yeah!” this week

Congrats ladies and gents! If you’re reading this, it means you’ve officially survived yet another relentless work week and are only hours from sweet freedom. But before you go running off to your well-deserved happy hour, let’s take a moment to review all of the good news that crossed our desks this week.

Happy Friday!

1. Ryan Reynolds and all of his abs

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“If you’re one of the 13.3 million people who follow Ryan Reynolds on Instagram, you’ll notice he’s not one show off. But the bigger reality of this situation is that we don’t see Ryan’s abs very often unless it’s shared by someone else.”


2. This nurse’s son standing up for his mom

“Jordan Miller’s mother, Misti Johnson, works in a hospital as a nurse. And yes — she has a significant number of tattoos, which some people view as counterintuitive to the healthcare profession image. However, Miller recently made a Facebook post telling those very critics that their presumptions about his mom and her tattoos in no way effect her ability to go above and beyond at work every day.”


3. This relationship genius who watches his wife’s Pinterest for gift ideas

“While a thoughtful act, gift-giving is often times a very stressful endeavor—particularly when you’re shopping for your significant other. What do they really want? Or should I get them something practical? What does this gift say about my feelings toward them? Am I sending the right message? And so on and so forth. Fortunately, finding a present for your loved one no longer has to be and endless tirade of questioning and anxiety. Thanks to this man, who has secretly been following his wife’s Pinterest account for years and selecting the perfect gifts for every occasion.”


4. This woman’s insightful Facebook post about crying babies

“Flying with kids is a daunting task, particularly with children who have never flown before. Not only are you trying to keep your little one calm, but you’re trying desperate to avoid the major side-eye from your fellow passengers in the (very likely) event that your child starts crying. It’s a stressful situation for any parent — which is why one mom felt compelled to make a Facebook post about helping other moms and dads when they have a fussy toddler on a flight.”


5. A Polly Pocket fashion line is here

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“While it’s understandable why Mattel is no longer making Polly Pocket toys (those tiny little pieces have “choking hazard” written all over them), many of us are still nostalgic for this particular play set. But, even if you can’t play with the toys, you can at least make a testament to Polly with your fashion choices, thanks to an upcoming clothing line.”



5 reasons so say hell yeah this week 2 5 reasons so say Hell Yeah! this week

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