People are reeling over this guy’s brutal Tinder comeback, but you have to respect the savagery

Navigating the rough seas of Tinder dating can be stressful and treacherous — not to mention unpredictable.

One recent conversation between two Tinder matches has gone viral thanks to the fact that one of the people involved decided to forsake the possibility of romance and verbally lambast his match.

It all started when a poor girl named Caroline matched with an anonymous dude (who may or may not be Imgur user ). Caroline attempted to have some pleasant conversation, and show off her humorous side (per her match’s request).

But, after Caroline’s joke intro, things took a sharp turn for the worse.

people are applauding this guys brutal tinder comeback because game respects game lr 2 People are reeling over this guys brutal Tinder comeback, but you have to respect the savagery

If you’re a tad confused (don’t worry, I definitely was at first), then here’s the breakdown: the implication is that the guy in question is calling Caroline a “0” on the ratings scale, and calling himself an “8” (since he’s repeating what she said to him at the beginning of the conversation).

Honestly, the whole thing would have worked better with quotation marks around the comeback, but you get the idea: shade was thrown, savage burns were distributed.

The Imgur commenters couldn’t help but bow down before such a stunningly salty response.

“Hello, 911? I’d like to report a fucking murder,” one commenter responded.

One commenter offered the punchline to Caroline’s joke, too little too late: “The answer was nice belt. But a verbal homicide took place instead.”

Another couldn’t help but point out, “B..but he matched with her too…so he kinda dogged his own standards…”

But, perhaps the most insightful comment was the one which pointed out that the guy’s rapier wit was also functioning as his own cock-block:

“This guy gets my upvote, but not getting laid much, I suspect.”

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