This fitness blogger’s side-by-side booty pics are a reminder that counting calories is BS

If you’re attempting to be “healthy,” there’s a high probability that you’re also severely limiting your caloric intake in addition to working out. However, one fitness blogger is here to remind everybody that your body actually needs those juicy calories in order to build muscle and sculpt itself.

Emma O’Neill is a 22-year-old fitness blogger from the UK who is all about the importance of focusing on your mental well-being with fitness, as opposed to merely emphasizing your physical well-being.

O’Neill recently posted side-by-side photos of her “booty transformation,” and attributed her bangin’ backside to — *gasp* — actually eating food, rather than starving herself.

screen shot 2017 08 04 at 2 23 35 pm This fitness bloggers side by side booty pics are a reminder that counting calories is BS

Part of her Instagram caption reads:

Eat some damn foooood girl!!
You will make minimal (if any) progress on operation POPPIN BOOTY if you’re severely restricting your calories / eating lettuce leaves for the majority of your meals.
Muscle growth requires FOOD
Carbs are important, don’t neglect them.
Also ensure you’re getting in enough protein (0.8-1g per pound of body weight is the recommendation), as protein aids muscle growth. Try and get a lil in every meal you have. Even as a vegan/vegetarian! There are heaps of fabulous protein sources

Emma also shared an Instagram post in which she confesses that her focus with exercise used to be merely physical, but how time and acceptance have taught her to celebrate in how her body feels, and not simply how it looks.

screen shot 2017 08 04 at 2 23 46 pm This fitness bloggers side by side booty pics are a reminder that counting calories is BS

The caption reads:

I used to be obsessed with trying to look a certain way (aka skinny, lols) and ended up resenting the gym and myself cos I was never achieving what I wanted.
Although I definitely still train for aesthetics and “body goals”, it’s not my only focus anymore, and I legit feel so much happier in myself.
I found that only training in order to obtain your “goal physique” means that you’re just setting yourself up for failure, believe me.
Your physique goals will always change. Youll end up in a weird never ending cycle of wanting to look a certain way and getting frustrated.
To this day my “goals” are still always changing. 
If you’d have told me 2 yrs ago my thighs would touch and I’d be happy I had quads I’d have prob cried in ur face
Having something deeper to focus on will mean you’ll find it 10x easier to stay motivated. 
Train, exercise, and eat well because of the way it makes you feel, for your mindset, for your happiness, strength, energy levels, etc. 
Remember aesthetics should only be a part of your motivation and the way your body looks does not determine ur health/happiness/fitness levels

So, there you have it folks: counting calories and trying to be “skinny” aren’t motivating goals that actually make you feel good. Focus on being happy and healthy, and you’ll find yourself feeling far more motivated than you were when you were still being critical and negative.

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