This girl’s attempt at calling her ex a “friend” on Twitter didn’t go over so hot

If you’re active on Tinder, there’s a decent chance you might run across the profile of one of your former lovers. It happens, it’s awkward, and sometimes you just have to laugh it off and move on.

Or … you could talk about it on social media and run the risk of your ex hearing about it.

Twitter user Brianna recently stumbled upon the profile of her ex-boyfriend, Adrian, while perusing Tinder. Brianna discovered that both of them had used one of their couple photos (strategically cropped, of course) for their profiles, and thought that the juxtaposition was so perfect, she simply had to tweet about it.

“When u find ur ex on tinder anddd,” Brianna tweeted alongside the screenshots. “We’re friends so no hard feelings,” she added.

The tweet itself gained considerable traction, garnering over 38,000 likes and 9,500 retweets.

However, all of the viral fame meant that Adrian soon caught wind of the tweet, and felt compelled to correct one particular “inaccuracy.”


Twitter was 100% here for such a savage shutdown β€” and the possibility of drama.

Some people weren’t big Adrian fans, though, and thought his response was kind of an immature move.

Here’s hoping these two work out their differences and manage to negotiate a semi-amicable status … but, judging from the saltiness of this very public burn, I have a feeling this former couple is going to stay estranged.

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