16 accurate descriptions on what it’s like to be a Diet Coke addict

Everyone has some sort of drink obsession. For some it’s La Croix, coffee or anything that has to do with wine. But it’s the Diet Coke fans that are on a completely different level of caffeinated love.

If you have a secret stash of Diet Coke somewhere, we’re not judging you but if you believe this drink is the the nectar of the gods, we’re kind of judging you. Whether your trash can is a little out of control, your grocery list only consists of this drink or you’ve had a Cokegasm before, it’s all about satisfying your craving. So here’s some hilarious examples for anyone who’s completely obsessed with Diet Coke.

1. When Diet Coke is literally life.

2. When your SO is trying to be sneaky.

3. When you love it so much, you make a sign about it.

4. When you turn your designer bag into a can holder.

5. When you dress up like a soda machine.

6. When you and your cat have one thing in common.

7. When your Disney trip documentation is this.


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8. When the McDonald’s lady knows exactly why you came.

#welp #shesnotwrong #dietcokeaddiction

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9. When your coworkers mess with you.

10. When your doormat says it all for you.

11. When Pepsi is affiliated to your order.

12. And if you really hate Pepsi.

This. #morelikepoopsi #dietcokeaddict #soda @dietcoke

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13. When your love for Diet Coke gets in the way of working.

14. When this is your motto.

This is my new motto! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’„

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15. When your baby makes the Diet Coke discovery.

#JarvieAnn #dietcokeobsessed

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16. When you’d rather be grounded.

16 accurate descriptions on what its like to be a diet coke addict 2 16 accurate descriptions on what its like to be a Diet Coke addict

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